America's #1 Brand of Innovative Crab Delicacies

Welcome to Seafood Supreme where we strive to bring you the most innovative crab delicacies. We have been producing excellent quality, delicious crab cakes for over 50 years. Our primary goal is to consistantly provide our customers with mouth-watering high quality crab cakes. We are extremely proud of our line of crab delicacies and know that you, your family and guests will enjoy them as well.


When preparing our products, we use the finest quality ingredients, combined with a state of the art production facility, ensuring our seafood delicacies are the highest quality. The quality and the flavor will shine on your table.


For many years we have been perfecting our production methods and we are continually upgrading and maintaning our production facilities to ensure that each and every seafood delicacy we ship is consistent with our production specifications and meets our high standards.


For over three generations, our product design team has been crafting forward thinking recipes and tweaking our unique blend of ingredients to create an innovative selection of seafood delicacies for your family to share.